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We decided to purchase ProFencer in March 2014 and haven’t looked back since. Allan was brilliant with us from the start and came over to demonstrate the machine. The level of customer service and support he offers makes a big difference. ProFencer saves us both time, money and physical effort on all of our bigger contracts. We wouldn't be without it, we save time on handling, rolling out and joining, in fact you wonder how you managed before.

Gethin Lloyd of Ruthin, North Wales

The first time we used ProFencer with the deer clamp we rolled out and strained up 1800 metres in the first day. On the second day I rolled out and strained 1200 metres on my own. I cannot praise the ProFencer enough. The machine is a time saver, it is very well made and will last a lifetime. We really wouldn't want to be without it.

Rupert Gardner, Northampton

We purchased our ProFencer in January 2014. Since working with the machine the speed of the jobs has increased and the workforce have also reported that using the ProFencer enables you to pull stock netting just as tight as we always did but in a more controlled and safer way with the added advantage of not having to ride the clutch on the tractor. Great machine.

Haskings Fencing Dorset

We took delivery of ProFencer in March 2014. We have found that the amount of time and physical effort this machine saves is considerable. The ProFencer is a strong, well made machine that will last for ever. You can tell it has been designed by a working man who has done a considerable amount of fencing. I certainly wouldn't be without it.

Rob Sweeting, Agricultural Contractor, Penistone, South Yorkshire
We started using the ProFencer in February 2014 and have found that we have improved greatly on the speed of erecting a stock fence. We have found that we are more competitive and can handle larger contracts without breaking our backs.

Adam Reynolds Fencing, Gloucestershire
ProFencer was delivered in October 2014. The first job was a 5000 metre deer fence contract. Two of us rolled out, strained and stapled up 2000 metres in one day using 100 metre rolls of netting. We completed the contract with 3 days to spare.
What a fantastic piece of kit. Thanks Allan.

Simon Clark, Ferndown, Dorset

I work as a sole contractor so any machine that will make my job easier is a must. The ProFencer machine certainly makes work easier, quicker and safer. I`d definitely recommend the ProFencer to any contractor, especially the ones who carry out a lot of work by themselves.

Dean Wastson of DW Fencing

The ProFencer is a substantial machine. It is more engineered than other stock fence dispensing and tensioning machines on the market. Not only is it simple and easy to use but it is a strong machine that is capable of even the toughest and most strenuous of jobs. I would definitely recommend the ProFencer to anyone looking for a wire dispensing and tensioning machine. It is well worth the money and is an invaluable machine.

Oliver Pritchard. of ORP Fencing

We Purchased the ProFencer last summer. The various hydraulic controls that the machine has means we can tension and position the netting perfectly for tying off. The turntable having a bearing fitted means we can spool off wire easily at the start of runs for example, through a hedge, through trees or across a ditch. This particularly useful when handling 500m rolls. The ProFencer has improved our output so we can keep competitive. We would definitely recommend the ProFencer to anyone who dose a lot of stock and horse netting. You can tell it has been designed by a working man who has fenced on all sorts of terrains. It is a considerable investment but it soon pays dividends.

David Stocks Fencing

I have had my ProFencer now for 8 months and within that 8 months the machine has nearly paid for itself. We are now earning money because of ProFencer. The machine has saved so much time and effort that we are able to take on much more work and get in done in quick time. Strong simple and safe machine, I would recommend it to any contractor. The investment is more than worth it.

James Strain of JL Timberworks

I bought my first ProFencer (Mark 1 model) towards the end of 2010. In the first 7 months of ownership I erected approx 12000 metres of stock fence. To my calculations the ProFencer has paid for itself in that 7 month period. I have now bought the ProFencer (mark 2) with the re-winder attachment which has proved to be invaluable in re-winding 11000 metres of stock netting off a pipe line job. The netting is wound up tight and can be re-used off the ProFencer if needed.

How did I manage before!

Adam Huxham, Isle of Man


I acquired My mark 2 ProFencer in March 2011. It has proved to be brilliant in saving physical effort, time and money. This machine will certainly pay for itself in the first year. It enables me to erect stock netting in record time and in the conventional manner.

A great piece of kit.

Richard Weston, Uttoxeter


I have had my ProFencer for 3 months now and have found it a great help in saving time and effort. It’s a great machine and wouldn’t be without it.

Jeff Ling, Dorset


I have used a ProFencer on the last 2 contracts, and have erected approx 9000 metres with it. The machine has proved to be very beneficial in saving time and money on these contracts. Brilliant machine.

Adam Clayton, Lincolnshire

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